The Baron and his Companions know we all need to stay inside right now, so for the time being, all shows are postponed until it's safe for us to resume our time-travelling and story-telling!

In the meantime, why not take a look at our YouTube channel?


Extraordinary tales, Elegantly told.



The Extraordinary Time Travelling Adventures of Baron Munchausen is a family friendly, improvised, storytelling comedy show that is loved by children and adults alike.


There will be swords, and duels, and elephants and castles built of cheese, and all of it is completely and irrefutably true. 


Top award-winning comedians and improvisors tell extravagant stories all based on the Adventures of Baron Munchausen.



'The whole thing is a blast'


'Funny and inspired'

 Primary Times

'Hilarious and entertaining'

Sitting on the Fourth Wall

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completely on the hoof'

BBC Radio Leicester

'I would defy you not to enjoy this show!'

London Pub Theatres

Come and join us for some diabolical derring-do and adventure!